String Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital fund.

Founding partners have been building technology products since 1998.

We offer founder-friendly terms to great technical teams, solving a hard, laborious problem.

We consider startups from Europe in our deal flow, and would like to meet founders in person. We have offices in Istanbul and San Francisco, where we deploy our global network for business development, strategic alliances and funding.

We prefer to be the first investor, and help you find significant initial traction.

We offer proven methodologies and tools in understanding customers, designing products, sales and marketing, pricing and analytics that helped us and many startups to build successful products.

We work closely with founders, helping them to build a defendable position, find product market-fit and grow.

Teams We Love

We enjoy investing in optimistic, resourceful, Schumpeterian, practical and relentless founders.

We seek uncommon personal strengths, and at least one technical founder.

We seek business experimentalists, who relentlessly seek validation and then the product-market-fit.

We like blank-canvas, first-principle thinkers, who can accurately generalize and crank exceptional output, yet remain non-arrogant and coachable.

We like founders who develop a defendable secret.
preferably in a slow-moving industry or at the bleeding edge of a rapidly changing field. We value aptitude over experience.

We like teams that have previously tested each other.
Founders who jell together and keep pounding on a narrow vertical, tend to win.

Investments We Love

We invest both in consumer and enterprise products.

We love solutions for hard, technical problems

We like challengers with big problems
in healthcare, transportation, housing, energy, logistics, financial services, retail and telecom. We see great potential in industrial internet (aka IoT) applications.

We love highly technical solutions
using advanced quantitative analytics, A.I., VR/AR, robotics, and biotech.

We love software. We love programmer tools.
If you are building truly great software, and others can build cool stuff on your work, then we are already interested.

We invest in hardware.
With hardware and embedded systems, we look for a sustainable platform position.

String Ventures
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